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Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Welcome to Larp Exchange

 Take a look at our large selection of larping armors, latex weapons, and larp accessories.  You can find the latest larping news, larp product reviews, and larping images at our blog.

LARP Round Tip Arrow

LARP Round Tip Arrow

Regular Price: $17.50

Special Price $15.75

As low as: $13.00

Young Rogue Pauldrons

Young Rogue Pauldrons

chest: 85-120 cm / 33.5-47.3 inches

Regular Price: $125.00

Special Price $109.00

Rogue Alchemy Belt

Rogue Alchemy Belt

Great for holding your daggers, potions, and other baubles in style. Belt Size: 63-105cm

Young Warrior Pauldrons Base

Young Warrior Pauldrons Base

Simple Pauldrons- Available in Brown or Black. Can be worn as a single or pair.

Regular Price: $80.00

Special Price $69.99

Oak Bracers
LARP Lead Pipe
Rogue Belt
Celtic Warrior Greaves
Bow String Replacement
Drow Diadem
Gaelic 2nd Edition round shield Baldur 75cm
Imperial 2nd Edition Inquisitor´s Hammer

Put on your robe and wizard hat.

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